Annual Growth Report 2018

Last year, we introduced our first Annual Growth report which received a lot of your support, love and appreciation. It motivated us to do even more. This year, we are back with yet another exciting journey for 2018.

We Love Growth

10 Team Members Added

Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO)

40 Fortune 500 Brands

200+ CXOs Served

50K Free Downloads

10K Digital Product Sales

13K Followers Added

1st Magazine ad

54K Slides

120+ Events

4.9 Google Rating

Worked in 9 Countries

Live Chat Support

Our First Exhibition

200+ Extended Workforce Team

6 Virtual Offices

We Love Presentations

Live Background

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

Card Based UI

3D Holographic Decks

Anaglyph PPTs

GIF Animations

3D Presentation Demo

Presentation Tips

We Love Smart Work

Always “Think”

“Do it Once” Attitude

“Be Error Free” Approach

“Backup” Immediately

“On-Cloud” Brand Kits

Track Yourself

We Love Knowledge

Presentation Explorer Series

4 Peptide Newsletter

12 Training Sessions

Creative Team Library

150+ Articles

Infographic Series

7 Learning Videos

64 New Digital Products

We Love Delivery

30+ Phones Launched

Launched a Multi-Country Website

6 GPTW Campaigns

First Automotive Customer

25 Corporate PPTs

25K Creative Assets Used

100+ Nights of Joyfulness

HR Communication Toolkit

We Love People

Longest Leave to a Team Member

99% Happiness Quotient

Top Women Employer

INK Champ Articles

Flat Organisation

11 Motivation Session

Brand Goodies

First Board Game (Sequence)

Team Cafe

Team Parties

Festive Celebrations

Faster Mac Machines to all

The achievements for 2018 goes on…. We hope you have enjoyed our Annual Growth Report. If you have liked it, please do share.

Awesome team behind this report

Aayush – Concept

Kishan – Animation

Sakshi - Graphic

Sandeep – Design

Sukrat – Marketing

Gayatri – Testing

Deepankar - Technology

Ayushi – Support

Aanya – Entertainment

We wish you a Great 2019 Ahead. Best of Luck.

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