Annual Growth Report 2017

2017 has been an year of growth, excitement, innovation, play, exploration and commitments for RENURE.

Worked 1500+ Man Days

Attended 100+ Events

Delivered 500+ Assignments

Developed 3 Strategy Models

Travelled 12000+ Kilometres

Nurtured 7 Ideas

Started 45+ Relationships

Hired 9 Team Members

Grew 125% Revenue

Joined 2 Associations

Delivered 97% Satisfaction

Served 20 Fortune 500 Brands

Worked in 14 Countries

Helped 7 NGOS

Team Outing

Sustainability Report

Salary Increments

Multicity Travel

Morph Presentation

Corporate File Naming System

Free Design Graphics for all

Presentation Stickers

RenureBrands Website

Quality Process Guidelines

Fools Strategy for Masters

Corporate Reporting Service

Motion Graphics

Infographics Designing

3D Presentations

PPTide - Presentation Ideation Kit

Brand Campaigns

Holdonz Fashion Stationery

Cloud Data Repository

Monthly Retainer Service

22500+ Slides

3000 Icons

900+ Pages of Reports

40+ Brochures & Flyers

100+ Articles

60 Digital Projects

3000 Cups of Desi Chai

30 Cakes

20 Office Parties

6 Group Outings

18 Skills

10 Softwares

11 E-Trainings

16000 Calls

4000GB of Data

65000 Emails

100 Pencils of Creativity

2000 Printed Pages

9896 Digital Downloads

The achievements for 2017 goes on…. We hope you have enjoyed our Annual Growth Report. If you have liked it, please do share.


Awesome team behind this report

Aayush – Concept

Kishan – Digital

Sandeep – Design

Parul – Delivery

Deepankar – Technology

Ayushi – Testing

We wish you a Great 2018 Ahead. Best of Luck.

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